American Lacrosse League
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League Championship History

The American Lacrosse League is the world's largest post Collegiate Club Lacrosse league.

1984Towson LCBaltimore, MD
1985Virginia LCCharlottesville, VA
1986Virginia LCCharlottesville, VA
1987Pepsi Westchester LCHawthorne, NY
1988Bud Light LCPasadena, MC
1989Overlea LCBaltimore, MD
1990N.Y.A.C.New York, NY
1991Perry Hall LCBaltimore, MD
1992Bud Dry LCNorth Caldwell, NJ
1993Little Abner's LCBaltimore, MD
1994Westchester LCHawthorne, NY
1995Lax World LCBaltimore, MD
1996Lax World LCBaltimore, MD
1997Lax World LCBaltimore, MD
1998Hero's LCAnnapolis, MD
1999Hero's LCAnnapolis, MD
2000Lax World LCBaltimore, MD
2001Lacrosse UnlimitedLong Island, NY
2002Lax World LCBaltimore, MD
2003Lax World/DeWALTBaltimore, MD
2004Lax World/DeWALTBaltimore, MD
2005DeWALT LCBaltimore, MD
2006Crease MonkeysBaltimore, MD
2007N.Y.A.C.New York, NY
2008N.Y.A.C.New York, NY
2009N.Y.A.C.New York, NY
2010G.M.H. LCPhiladelphia, PA
2011N.Y.A.C.New York, NY
2012MagerksBaltimore, MD
2013N.Y.A.C.New York, NY
2014N.Y.A.C.New York, NY
2015G.M.H. LCPhiladelphia, PA
2016Duke Tobay LCLong Island, NY
2017Ryleigh's OysterBaltimore, MD
2018N.Y.A.C.New York, NY

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