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2017 Signup Form

Read this first:
If nothing happens after you click the VALIDATE button THE ANSWER IS ON THIS PAGE, TAKE 30 SECONDS AND JUST READ IT.

It means US Lacrosse has more than one profile for you and you CANNOT register until you have one of the profiles removed. US Lacrosse must have only ONE profile for you. And each time you try I get an error message with the failure.

Our program interfaces with the US Lacrosse database. But it only works if there is one profile for you. As well, the information in these four fields must match EXACTLY what US Lacrosse has in their database. If you have old profiles in the US Lacrosse database you cannot signup until they are removed.

First and last names should be input EXACTLY as they are on the players membership card. Bob instead of Robert or Andrew instead of Andy or Matt instead of Matthew will not be accepted. Do not put in Jr. or Sr. unless that is what the US Lacrosse database has in the matching name field.

If players are having a problem they should verify their information in the US Lacrosse database by clicking on this link. It will show if you have duplicate records at US Lacrosse.

Contact information to contact US Lacrosse is:
Phone: 410-235-6882 ext. 102

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